One of the common moves in the Casino playbook to lure in more players into the business is the use of No deposit bonuses. More players mean higher odds of making profits off them, and this is a bet all casino operators are always ready to make. After all, it all about stakes, right?

Basically, a no deposit bonus is as straightforward as it sounds; a bonus awarded without obliging the player to deposit any minimum balance. Usually, no deposit bonuses are awarded to new players as soon as they sign up in the gambling site. Think of it as a discreet way of saying, “We look forward to doing business with you.” Due to their simplicity, most people are more inclined to overlook the role that no deposit bonuses play in the business. But when dealing with money, everything is all about building trust. Casino operators want to earn that trust from the players as early as possible.

What to Expect

Primarily, you will need to sign up for an account with your preferred betting site. But that’s not enough. You will need to verify your identity for this account, either by email, a text message or sometimes a call. Online casinos want to make sure you are serious about doing business with them so I suppose this is safely a fair prerequisite. Once your account is verified, your no deposit bonus will be ceded under your name and effected redeemable instantly. Now, different gambling sites have different policies regarding the collection of the bonus. Some will require the player to claim the bonus via email or filling out and submission of a form while some prefer to just credit the money directly into the account. Nonetheless, the process is very simplistic and straightforward.

Pros and Cons

The no deposit bonus is an insightful way, if not tempting, for players to test the games and odds first before they buy in and also a show of good faith to the casino operators. It warms up the players to the real gambling world and serves to maximize their gaming experience.

There may be several limitations, terms and conditionson the no deposit bonus, of course, depending on the casino. One of the major drawbacks is the strictness in redeeming the bonus, particularly, bonuses claimed through emails. Casinos have very clear guidelines requiring the forfeiting of the player’s funds should he/she redeem the no deposit bonus devoid of receiving it from the official betting site.

Another major demerit is that it is common for most casinos to set a maximum cash out for all money earned from the free no deposit bonus, inclusive of a bank wire fee. This is the norm unfortunately. Some casinos will also require the player to deposit some money into the account before withdrawing any winnings procured from the bonus fee.

Final Word

The key to being a professional gambler is good research. There are thousands of casinos and betting sites looking for fresh players in the market. Before you sign up for any of them, do a thorough background check and always read the terms and conditions of each offer you get. You will find that different casinos have differing terms regarding to their policies. It’s the same book but with different pages.