Progressive jackpots in UK online casinos have become increasingly popular over the last few years. First developed in Vegas, progressive jackpots  grow to huge amounts. As the name implies, progressive jackpots are basically progressively increasing jackpots and UK online casino players have the opportunity to make huge winnings by wagering the maximum amount. In this guide, you will find crucial things to consider when choosing online slots in UK online casinos and some extra progressive jackpot tips for UK players.

When choosing online jackpot slots in UK online casinos, considering the following critical factors can save you a lot of money and make difference, albeit small.

Hit rate

The hit rate or frequency refers to how often the online slot machine stops at a winning combination. Obviously, choosing machines with a higher hit rate will increase your chances of winning, though the winnings are not as big as those  low hit rate progressives

Betting range

The betting range describes the minimum and maximum amount allowed for UK players to bet on a particular slot. Wide range slots allow a wide range of players with different budgets to place wagers on the online slots.


Volatility, also known as the variance, is the ratio of the jackpot’s frequency to its size. Jackpot slots in UK online casinos with a high volatility pose greater risk of losses to UK players but also higher chances of winning big.

That being said, there are many types of progressive jackpot slots in different UK online casinos and it’s hard to define one specific way of winning the massive jackpot. Nevertheless, here are some pro tips for UK players to keep in mind when playing the progressive jackpot in UK online casinos.

Choose the progressive jackpot wisely

When settling for a progressive jackpot in UK online casinos,  players are advised to go for the jackpots when they are at their highest since this is when the average payout is also at its peak. In addition, it’s wise to check if there is more than one progressive jackpot on the slot just to ensure that the possible win is actually yours. You should also be keen to check the minimum wagering amount and the required number of paylines to qualify for the progressive jackpot payout.  UK online casinos normally have a payouts tab through which UK players can check to see which features offer the progressive jackpot package.


To qualify for the progressive jackpot, UK players have to bet the maximum amount.  Wagering in a progressive jackpot without betting the maximum amount is simply a waste of time and money. Even then, we recommend players to set a budget on how much they intend to spend and stick to it.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

Progressive jackpots in UK online casinos, having such huge payouts, are usually protected by strict rules, terms and conditions. In this view, one common theory is that players have to wager a substantial amount above the minimum bet in order to qualify for a chance at the grand progressive jackpot. There have been rumors that progressive jackpot payouts in UK online casinos are made in small intervals. Bottom line, always read the terms and conditions before proceeding to wager in these jackpots.

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