Violet Casino Review

People just like you and I are spending more of their time online, interacting with people through social media or simply engaging with the latest online casino trends and games. There are so many options these days that it can sometimes be considered hard to keep up with the latest trend and technology. The casino game world is in a state of constant evolution, but that is what keeps ordinary individuals coming back and enjoying their free time when they have it. The fun games, massive progressive jackpots, and the number of video slots that are highly entertaining and almost always available each day continue pulling people back day after day.

People enjoy playing online casino games due to how convenient they are. You can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home, you can win big prizes, and you get to try some of the very best slot and card games available to the World.

Violet Casino is one such online casino game website offering truly high-end, entertaining online games for the masses. Owned by Functional Games SA, Violent Casino has long thrived in the world of casino games due to their simple nature of ensuring their returning players and paying customers are enjoying their time thoroughly. Every single player is greeted by the website and offered a pleasant gaming experience, albeit a responsible one.

Remaining the ever-vigilant professional, Violet Casino clearly states that all users should read their Terms and Conditions before entering into the many, many casino games available to enjoy. Said Terms and Conditions clearly state what everything is for, where the costs go, and how the company is working tirelessly to offer a safe, enjoyable experience for every player simply seeking the chance to earn themselves a bit of entertainment after a long day at work.


When you visit Violet Casino

Upon visiting the official website for Violet Casino, prospective players are greeted with a brilliant color of violet and numerous menus leading to the various casino and bingo games available entirely online through their web portal. Numerous promotions, including free spins and monetary bonuses for signing up and playing the game, are awaiting a simple click from the user via the rotating header image at the very top.

Registration to enter the casino officially is quite simple. The form requires only your user name, password, an e-mail address, and a bonus code if you happen to have one to use.



Bonuses and Free Spins

We mentioned the bonuses and free spins currently available on the website and how they are clearly being advertised to bring in customers. Well, those bonuses and free spins are quite thorough and make the game far more enjoyable. Each bonus and free spin is generally included within some of the most popular games.

For example, you can receive up to 200 euros as a bonus plus 200 free spins after you register for the website. Those particular bonuses are for a game known as Starburst, which is quite similar to mobile matching games. Most people will find they are quite good at such titles and can earn some money using the free spins and bonus cash offered upon first playing.

Violet Casino, along with offering such incredible free spin options, also promises to match your first deposit of 200 euros by giving you 200 euros as a bonus for their games. You can also receive 40 free spins for each 10 euros you deposit into the game, up to 50 euros. As for Starburst, players can receive an extra 200 free spins by simply depositing 50 euros or more into the game. Those seeking online casino games like this will no doubt be interested in investing a bit of money into the experience, which makes bonuses like this far more enticing to the average player who is looking to get the most of their Money.


Mobile Casino at Violet Casino

Like most mobile casino games these days, Violet Casino can be accessed from your smartphone or mobile tablet, allowing you to take the entire experience on the road. Most games were built for a browser or mobile experience, which makes them quite easy to enjoy from the confines of a small touch-screen. The interface is pretty basic, allowing even the most technologically challenged the opportunity to have a bit of fun in their off hours. Most games featured on the website would benefit from being played on a computer monitor, however, so take that into account before enjoying any title. The large screen of a single computer monitor allows you to enjoy the games with far more detail and the ease-of-use of a computer mouse. Most will enjoy their time using either one, however.


Deposits and Withdrawals

Like many currently operating online casino games, Violet Casino offers a system for deposits. When you, the player, deposit a certain amount into your account on the website, you may then use that same amount to gamble and play the casino games for your chance to win a big jackpot. There are winners being listed constantly on the website, with each one playing a different game. Every single one of these players was required to deposit a certain amount before enjoying themselves online.

When it comes to withdrawals, Violet Casino makes things easy by allowing you to withdraw your winnings after they have been inserted into your account. Most deposits and withdrawals are completed by the next business day, so don’t be impatient when it comes to receiving your jackpot money. A lot of players have already received their winnings after spending big and playing the games in the most efficient manner possible. Violet Casino has earned themselves a reputation for playing the game correctly and awarding those who earned their bonuses and winnings.


Support and Customer Service

The support and customer service featured at Violet Casino is quite simple, but that is because they have built such an incredible system for the players to use on a daily basis. Most support inquiries will simply go through their listed email contact, which will be responded to within a few business days.

When dealing with the customer support representatives, they have come across as completely professional and willing to work with players. Most can answer any questions you happen to come across, including inquiries about the specific games and their nature on the website, your withdrawals, your bonuses, and any problems you may have with the site in terms of technical problems.



The overall experience of using Violet Casino is one that ultimately comes out completely positive. Most people find themselves enjoying the chance to win large, ever-changing jackpots playing some of their most favored games. These are the types of games most play on their mobile phones pretty regularly, so it makes sense to translate them over to casino games in a way that works well. The jackpots change constantly, but most will find themselves winning somewhere between the tens and the hundreds in terms of monetary rewards for their time. Some win big, of course, and take some a few thousand. Those cases can sometimes be considered rare, though, so don’t hold your breath. Keep on playing for a chance to win big!