Gone are the days when you had to be physically present in a casino to play your favorite casino game. Levers and reels in land-based casinos have been replaced by virtual reels and buttons thanks to leading software developers. Unlike land based casinos, UK online casinos are synonymous with hefty bonuses every once in a while. However, there are different types of bonuses which can confuse even a seasoned player. It is always upon you to do your due diligence before accepting a bonus to avoid being disappointed when you request a withdrawal. Below is what you need to know on casino bonuses.

Sticky bonuses-what are they?

Simply put, sticky bonuses are bonuses offered by UK casinos which you can use to place a wager but unfortunately you can’t withdraw. Sticky bonuses have an advantage over other bonuses since they give a player a chance to easily satisfy wagering requirements; there are more funds to spend. Generally, there are two forms of sticky bonuses. With the first form, you are at liberty to withdraw instantly the winnings generated with the bonus but the bonus will be no longer available after a successful withdrawal. The second sticky bonus type allows you to withdraw the winnings but it does not expire after a withdrawal. You can still use the bonus to accumulate even more profits.

Cashable Bonuses-what are they?

Cashable bonuses are the exact opposite of sticky bonuses. With cashable bonuses, withdrawal of the bonus is possible but subject to fulfilling a number of requirements. For instance, you must satisfy the wagering requirement for the bonus to be withdrawn. It is of extreme importance to make sure you comply with terms and conditions of each bonus. Failure to comply with terms and conditions results to difficulties in withdrawals and in some instances, all the winnings generated using the bonus will be voided.

Casino complimentary

A casino complimentary simply means an extra perk accorded to the player by the casino as an appreciation gesture for continued cooperation. The comps you receive by a UK casino are subject to the length of your gaming session as well as your betting level. For experienced players, comps can greatly reduce the house edge if used optimally. Comps are common with games such as blackjack and other table games. To receive comps, you must be rated by the casino or you must accumulate loyalty points. It is worth noting that individual casinos have their own policies regarding comps.

Wagering requirement

Accepting a bonus from a casino is always subject to terms and conditions. One of the most common condition is the wagering requirement. Before you are able to withdraw a casino bonus, you must satisfy the wagering requirement. Basically, the wagering requirement expresses the number of times the bonus amount must be cumulatively wagered.

Last Word

Bonuses can substantially raise your wager and consequently, your potential winnings. It is easy to get a bonus nowadays since all you have to do is sign up with an online casino accepting UK players. However, we always advice our readers to take a few minutes to read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up with a casino.

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