Are Casino Bonuses Actually Real Money?

Every time a player registers for an account with an online gaming platform; their first concern has to do with the promotions and bonuses. The majority of online casinos readily give free spins and rewards after the first few deposits. For instance, it is normal to find casinos that provide a hefty welcome bonus package.

In this post, we’ll find out if casino bonuses are actually real money or not. Read on!

So, what are casino bonuses?

These are gifts or incentives you get for registering or participating in a casino. For instance, you can get a 200 percent welcoming bonus for making the first successful deposit.

Apart from the welcome casino bonuses, players also get other cash rewards for wagering on different games. Sometimes, as long as you participate in a game (especially new games on the site), you will earn a few credits.

You may also get bonuses for depositing cash during specific days of the week. Some casinos even offer rewards to people who log on to the sites on specific days.

In short, all the free spins, rounds and incentives are part of the casino bonuses. Let’s see how you can use them optimally!

How to best use casino bonuses

The bonuses allow you to make a substantial amount of money to boost your bankroll. They act as rewards with which you unlock premium games on the website. You see, the bonus money becomes a gaming credit with which you can wager on the site. This means you can use it to make more money.

If you are lucky enough, you can successfully wager your bonuses until they are ready for withdrawal. This is rare, but; not entirely impossible. As long as you meet the wagering requirement, and maintain your bonus, then you are free to withdrawal.

But, is the casino bonus actually real money?

Now, you understand what casino bonuses and what they do. The proponents argue that the bonuses are a form of currency on your account. And have a monetary value on the site. So, they conclude that the rewards are real money.

Those who oppose are a little more analytical. And, this is where I belong. Before rushing to accept that casino bonuses are real money, you need to ask yourself ‘what is real money?’ Well, money is anything that has financial value- and ‘real’ is that which you can touch, feel or spend freely. Casino bonuses do not meet this definition, for the reasons highlighted below.

First, they have a minimum wagering requirement. This is the minimum number of times you should use the bonus on the site to qualify for a withdrawal which can sometimes be a tall order.

Second, the money is only valuable within the casino. You cannot use it anywhere else. If you need money to pay your bills, for instance, you cannot rely on the casino bonuses.

The free spins, promotions, and bonuses you get from online gaming platforms are important when playing on those online casinos. They do not make sense outside the particular casinos on which you are registered. Thus, casino bonuses are NOT actually real money!

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