Free Spins No More Free Spins: New Names for Free Spins

What gets to your mind whenever you log to an online casino and find the words ‘ Earn Free Spins’? Well, that’s too easy to guess! When I first saw the screaming headline, I was in a frenzy, and I couldn’t wait to claim my reward. A few minutes into the site, I realized that there were too many things I had to do to earn the ‘free bonus’. That’s how I realized the betting company wasn’t telling me the whole truth.

Anyway, the UK gambling commission banned the use of the words Free spins by casinos in ads or on their websites. They realized that it wasn’t 100 percent genuine. The commission oversees how gambling takes place within the United Kingdom, and; there’s no way they’d have allowed such tricks to ensue.

Since then, gambling companies have come up with other clever names for the spins. For instance, you may find words such as Super Spins, Fair Spins, Extra Spins and Casino Spins among others. While the words may be different, the concept is still the same. Whatever the name, they’re still the free spins that you’re used to. So, in this post, we’re going to let you know everything important about why ‘Free Spins’ is no longer the right wording. Also, you’ll find words that you can expect instead.

What are free spins?

Oh, maybe I am talking to someone who doesn’t know what free spins are? No worries, we’re here for that. Free Spins is a term widely used in many gambling platforms to refer to the free rounds offered to a slots player.

Free spins come in several ways. For instance, you get free no deposit spins when you register on a casino. This is part of the welcome bonus. Then, when you make your deposits, you’ll receive free spins, too.

Whichever way you earn your spins, you can use them to make money on the site without spending a buck! But, the company knows it’d end up losing a lot of cash on free spins. So, what does it do? Good! It brings in the issue of wagering requirements.

The wagering requirements

Before the casino allows you to turn their free spins into money, they make several considerations to mitigate the risk. Remember, if they don’t, people would only need to sign up for accounts, earn the spins, do their best in the games then carry home free money!

So, the casino places a requirement in which players must play a given number of times to deserve withdrawing their win.

Now, this is where the United Kingdom Gambling Commission has found the loophole. The free spins are not entirely free! At least, not with the wagering requirements. So, they’ve ended up banning the use of the words ‘ free spins’ in casinos that operate within their jurisdiction. This is critical to protecting users against exploitative terminology.

Today, online casinos offering gaming services to a UK clientele are replacing ‘free spins’ with other words. So, don’t get frustrated when the only thing you can see is Super Spins or Bonus Spins. At least, they’re selling you the same candy bar in a different wrapping package!

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