The casino industry has come along way; from the brick and motor casinos, to adopting the latest technologies such as Live casinos, mobile casino apps and 3D gaming. Virtual reality technology is the newest entrant in the industry.

Virtual reality technology is a type of computer technology that utilizes virtual reality equipment to stimulate an imaginary environment. When using the VR technology equipment, you can be able to move around and interact with the imaginary environment.

The concept of virtual reality technology was first implemented in 1994 and it aimed at stimulating an imaginary world without the use of headsets. Since then, extensive research has been carried out on the technology and it has found application in several industries including videogames, cinemas, healthcare and psychology.

The technology was recently adopted by online casinos. Although its implementation has so far been limited to slot games, casino software developers are finding ways to integrate it in a wider range of casino games.

Impact of VR technology on online gambling

 VR technology is expected to considerably lower the number of players in land casinos and increase demand for online gambling. It will enable simulation of a real casino environment, including sound, lighting and casino equipment from a remote location making it unnecessary to go to a land casino.

VR technology will outdo live casinos in numerous ways. The fun and excitement will be multiple-fold. It is anticipated to significantly increase online gaming bets by up to 800%. Like live online games, the technology integrates live chat features that enable players to communicate with dealers.

At the beginning of 2017, NetEnt launched the first ever VR slot on the Gonzo’s Quest Slot. The technology enables a player to perceive the environment of the slot game by providing a three dimensional simulation of the game’s theme environment. Players get to immerse in themselves in the computer generated environment. They can manipulate objects in the environment or take certain actions as if they were in a real world.

How VR gaming works

VR online casino games are accessible through a free downloadable app. Players require specialized VR equipment such as VR headsets to be able to experience the imaginary environment. Some online VR casinos allow players to see and interact with each other. However, players are not able to see other player’s game screens. There are bonuses and promotions offered on some VR games.

One of the factors of slowing down implementation of VR technology in online casino gaming is the high cost of implementation for software developers as well as the high cost incurred by the players to be able to access VR casino games. There have also been cases of technology failure as VR technology for online casino is for the most part under development. Players will have to carefully manage their bankroll to avoid over spending.

VR technology holds huge potential for the casino industry. While there are a number of obstacles holding back the progress of the technology, extensive research on the technology will fuel its wider application in online gaming.

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